I just don’t know

Not sure which building is suitable for you? Let’s run through an overview of the buildings we have on offer to explain the range:


Sheds actually cover a wide range of buildings from little garden sheds, to large workshops, to potting sheds, to corner sheds. With a wide variation of uses, the design can be adapted to your requirements. Sheds are the easiest building for us to build bespoke to your specifications. It is always cheaper to buy a “standard” building but it is not prohibitively expensive to have it customised. Our range comes in different thicknesses of cladding and framing, starting from 12mm cladding up to 20mm cladding. Our most popular range of sheds sits between the two with 16mm cladding as standard. Potting sheds with their fully glazed side have been one of our most popular, with the ability to act as a glasshouse and a storage building.


Summerhouses are more of a feature building than a shed. They complement your garden and can be a focal point. Beautifully made they have options such as felt tiles and double-glazing to enhance their appearance and to lengthen the time of year they can be used. Often they double as a storage building in the winter months and some designs even have a storage shed built to one side. They are sectional buildings, meaning that they are manufactured at the factory in large sections, which are joined together in your garden. This makes them quick to assemble and therefore saves costs.  They can also be disassembled and moved to a new address with a skilled fitter. Occasional they are used as home-office or hobby rooms, especially if fitted with double glazing.


We would recommend that all our buildings go onto a concrete base. This we can organise for you. Some customers have placed buildings on patio slabs or existing sleepers or suchlike. The longevity of a building is dependent on the quality of a base and it can be false economy to be frugal with the base. We can recommend local independent contractors to help with the base and installing electricity to your building.

Is it cheaper on-line?

Many customers compare prices on-line. We have no problem with that and will do everything we can to match prices as long as we are comparing like-for-like. Please note that many on line companies charge heavily for fitting and many offer no option for them to treat the building, either initially or in the future. On-line buildings often come as a bewildering pack of pieces, with even window frames not assembled. We often get calls to assist with these buildings but it is impractical for us to get involved. Customers resort to trying to call someone in a call-centre to resolve problems, which can be a frustrating process. Our buildings are on-show so you can see exactly what you should expect, and we are open 7 days a week should you have any problems.